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By Halfdeck

Gia and Jules in Older Women & Younger Women

Screenshot courtesy of Original resolution 480x352. Gia and Jules in a
scene from Older Women & Younger Women, formerly known as Climax Corner, is a video download site with a collection of 374 DVDS and 2138 scenes to date. New DVDs are added every day. The biggest asset of this site is its massive, unprotected DVD download content and an incredible price of $9.95 a month.


Since its a given that most video download sites don't carry exclusive content of its own, the question is what studios and what titles does it carry? To see some of the studios, check out the Studios page.

Screenshot of Videobox download page
Screenshot of the video download page showing high,
medium and low video resolutions. Click on PLAY to view via
progressive download, and right-click to save.


Video resolution for the high bandwidth version is 480x352 and bitrate averages around 850k VBR although some WMV videos run a little choppy on my machine. There's also a medium and low resolution option (340x240 and 192x144, respectively). See some detailed info on bitrates on Video Box Bitrate page. There are no DRM protection on any of the videos . Videos can be viewed via progressive download, so you don't have to wait for an entire video to download before you can watch the movie. When you're done watching the movie, you can save the movie to disk by choosing save file on your Windows Media Player. Each DVD is divided into full scene downloads, although some narravite opening and closing of each scene sometimes seems to be edited out. Full scenes lasts usually spans between 6~16 minutes.

Drag and drop feature uniquely Videobox
You can drag and drop thumbnail images to
download your favorite part of the scene instead of
the entire scene.

Site Design isn't just about tons of DVD downloads. It also has a bit of a personality. First you can choose to download just a portion of a scene by a cool drag and drop feature. Also, the top picks section has some interesting collection of scenes.

Updates adds one new DVD to their members area every day. Read more about Updates.

Wish List

If VideoBox improved the way they encoded their WMVs so they run smoothly at even bigger resolution, the site would kick some serious ass. I actually emailed Dave from VideoBox about this, and he confirmed they encode everything at 23.9 FPS. He did mention they are thinking of improving the overall video quality of the site, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this.


If you're looking to download some adult DVDs, then is one of the top contenders. Especially at an insanely low price of $10 bucks a month, it's hard not to recommend


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